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Bulk Heads

A well constructed bulkhead is the most important line of defense you can take to protect your property. Bulkheads are exposed to elements daily. Wooden bulkheads are susceptible to the wear and tear. Another primary cause of weakened and collapsed wooden bulkheads is marine borers. These worm like creatures bore through wooden bulkheads causing small holes that allow debris and water to seep through causing loss of ground. Over time, the rods holding the bulkead can rot leading to a total collapse. Recovering lost ground can be costly if not impossible.

With newer materials now availalbe and extended manufacturer warranties, a properly installed bulkhead can protect your porperty for years to come. An Extreme Marine professional will assess your project and recommend the right product for your needs.

Docks and Pires

Our staff can customize a dock or pier to suit your individual taste and budget. Your dock can be cantilevered from land or built with pilings from underwater. Extreme Marine uses only the best materials in aluminum, pressure treated wood or composite. All docks are custom made in our fabrication warehouse, located in Toms River. We then deliver, install and finish the project at your location.

All workmanship done by Extreme Marine is guaranteed. In addition, most products come with individual manufacturer warranties. You can be certain that your dock or pier will last for years to come.

Dock fenders, lights, boxes, cleats, piling wraps, cones, and service platforms are some of the accessories available through Extreme Marine.

Boat Lifts

Extreme Marine offers boatlifts and davits from all major manufacturers. We also specialize in manufacturing custom solutions for your unique needs. Whether it is a Jet Ski Davit, Sport Boat Lift, Yacht Lift or a large commercial lifting device, Extreme Marine Construction will install the proper unit. In the estimating process we will help you determine the right product for your needs. We service everything we sell so should you encounter any problems the same company that installed your lift will be there to repair it.

Foundation Plings

Whether you are building your home or commercial structure near or on the water you need the protection that a proper foundation provides.

Extreme Marine Construction installs pilings for many types of projects including docks, piers, new home foundations and commercial pilings for large projects. We only use the finest quality building materials.

Custom Fabrication

Extreme Marine Construction can build or construct any number of things you might need around your home. From pool installations to custom lifts and unique designs, Extreme Marine can handle your unusual or unique project.